Welcome to the Nine Rings.

Here, legends come and go, some are remembered whilst others are forgotten. Will you find the truth, Immortal?

Nine Rings

The Nine Rings is the system of realms that make up reality, with the inner rings ruled by the gods and immortals who pride on their righteous and holy stance, the middle rings ran by more demonic tribes and the outer rings where exiles ran wild, the war is never ending and time is always running out.

Will you find the real enemies in time? Or will the real players come out on top?

After Dark Trilogy

The fantasy survival YA story of a seemingly normal but social outcast noble named Levi and a mysterious (infamous) survivalist (Shadow) who introduced himself as Graphique.

  1. The Games of Cordella

  2. The Academy of Cordella

  3. The Military of Cordella

The Prince of Blood

Sci-fi Fantasy Military YA novel built around the story of Ace the third prince of Parisora and a dead Shadow who now calls himself Claude.

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The Artefacts of Destitia

Prequel to the events of After Dark, join Bounty Hunters in training as they navigate the dangerous Nine Rings. Who is right and who is wrong? Most importantly, who is who?

  1. A Mirror of Truth

  2. A Circlet of Dream

  3. A Staff of Warlock

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I write in Chinese too!

Completed works:

净天怨天 - 古纯,玄幻

神探喜欢蹲牢房 - 古纯,悬疑


魔鬼游戏一夜游 - 先纯,悬疑,恐怖

Chinese Works


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